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Capoerê Youth Project

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone. ~Moroccan Proverb

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.  ~ Frederick Douglass

                           Mission & Vision:FilhosdeBimba

Our mission is to preserve, promote, study and educate various communities about Capoeira Regional and other manifestations of the African diaspora.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Providing a center of reference in the Bay Area to study, research the memory of the art of Capoeira.

  1. Instilling the teaching, values and principles of Capoeira Regional.

  1. Encouraging the practice of Capoeira Regional amongst the youth as an instrument for self-education, social inclusion to address intolerance by promoting a culture of peace and respect of difference, and to build self-esteem as well as ethnic pride.

  1. Promoting the work of Mestre Nenel and his teachers/disciples through our classes.

  1. Providing support and social assistance to Mestre Nenel, Rainha Nalvinha and other leaders in their efforts to preserve and promote Capoeira Regional.

  1. Establishing awareness to the contributions of Mestre Bimba and his importance in the formation of Brazilian culture.

  1. Cultivating Capoeira in the curriculum of the public education network.

  1. Discovering and developing new leaders of the next generation of Capoeiristas.

  1. Valuing capoeira as an African rooted ancestral heritage.

1510484_730957303607924_1919545867_nCapoeira is an African rooted martial art that manifested in the colonial period of Bahia’s history. It is one of the strongest resistance manifestations due to the enslavement of the African people in the Americas. In its modern-day practice, capoeira transforms people by giving them a sense of community, respect, discipline, humility, and so much more through it’s history, movements, music and it’s life lessons of dealing with oppression and discrimination.Here is a video of our  Capoerê Project in Lebanon. We hope establish an Oakland based capoeira youth project.

Our dream is to obtain our own space to be a center of reference, study and research for the art of capoeira.  The purpose of this center is to preserve and promote Capoeira Regional and instill its many values.  Our center would be a cultural refuge.  An institution with strong moral values, codes of conduct and a place for free expression of the mind and body. It would be  a fortress to sustain Capoeira Regional as a modernized manifestation from the African ancestral culture in Brazil.

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